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Important factors to consider when renovating your business

One of the most important factors to consider when renovating your business is flooring. There are countless options on the market these days, but only one offers the comfort and feel that makes a space seem more elegant. Carpet is a fantastic option for dozens of applications, and carpet tile is a convenient and easy to install carpeting system that can be easily fit into any décor. Carpet tiles offers some great advantages over regular carpet, and understanding them will make it clear that carpet tiles in Toronto are a modern and versatile product that should be considered for any renovation project.

Carpet Tile

Traditional carpet comes in large rolls that can be difficult to move and install. They can still be a fantastic option for certain spaces, but carpet tile can be used anywhere that rolls can be used, and more. Carpet tiles come in boxes that are far easier to handle than a traditional roll of carpet. They are easily installed, fit into awkwardly shaped rooms of any size, and are simple to clean. Arguably the most convenient attribute of carpet tiles is that should a section be damaged in any way, the tile can be removed and replaced in minutes without the need to replace the entire floor.




Unlike wood or laminate flooring options, carpet tiles are available in a substantially wider range of options. There are amazing variations in colour, style, pattern, texture, and tile size that no other flooring option can come close to matching. There are carpet tile options designed for different areas, like high traffic areas or lighter traffic areas, commercial density, and even industrial grade carpet tiles that offer unbeatable durability. If you’re looking for something specific for your space, it might be worth your time to check out carpet tiles.


Where to Shop

When you’re looking at a flooring option available in so many varieties, it’s important to shop at the right store. To avoid stopping by every flooring store in the GTA, it’s advisable to check with the most reputable retailer you can. It might be beneficial to ask your friends and family for their suggestions, but it can also be simple to jump online. You’ll need to find an experienced team that can help guide you towards the right tiles based on your needs and the traffic in the area, as well as the colours and textures that will fit your space.


Choosing a flooring option doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about your needs and the amount of time you’d like to spend with installation. Consider the traffic in the area and how likely it’ll be that the area will be damaged. Carpet tile in Toronto has remained a popular option for decades, and for good reason. Contact Toronto Flooring Solutions in the GTA to learn more about the fantastic carpet tiles available today. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and can offer valuable insight into the options for your space.

Note: This Page is geared more towards Commercial/ Industrial clients.  Images should consist of commercial/ Industrial spaces.